We collect, process and use your data only within the scope of the legal regulations.

This privacy policy applies exclusively to the use of the websites that we offer. It does not apply to the websites of other providers which we refer to with a link.

When visiting our website, you remain completely anonymous unless you decide to voluntarily submit personal data to us.

Personal data will only be collected if required for the use of the services offered on the website, especially for the use of our forms. We will treat the data you have made available to us completely confidentially.

Without your express consent we will not pass on personal data to third parties unless we are legally bound to do so.
However, we do advise that whenever data is transmitted on the Internet it is possible that this data may be obtained and falsified by a third party.

Inasmuch as you so demand, we shall grant you access to the data we have stored about you or shall delete it, as the case may be. If you wish to correct, delete or view your data, it will suffice to send a message to the address given on the About page.

As part of the process of informing our customers about new products, etc. we will only send emails to you in as far as you provide us with your email address.