01 Compendium event rooms in the castle32.6 KiB
Banquet 100 persons with buffet58.7 KiB
Banquet up to 125 persons49.0 KiB
Elbturmzimmer 8 persons round table24.6 KiB
Festsaal 26 persons big table29.3 KiB
Festsaal 28 persons parliamentary29.8 KiB
Festsaal 40 persons U-table32.7 KiB
Festsaal 48 persons square tables32.4 KiB
Festsaal 56 persons slim tables36.1 KiB
Festsaal 72 persons theatre style38.5 KiB
Gartensaal 24 persons U-table29.0 KiB
Gartensaal 26 persons parliamentary29.3 KiB
Gartensaal 28 persons big table30.0 KiB
Gartensaal 40 persons slim tables33.1 KiB
Gartensaal 60 persons theatre style35.3 KiB
Gartensaal stand-up tables and suites28.7 KiB
Wine cellar small tables 36.5 KiB